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Cell Growth Medium

Cell Growth Medium

3D cell growth is a rapidly developing field within biotechnology. Although 2D cell cultures (Petri dish) have been routinely used in laboratories for over 40 years, this method poses significant limitations – it does not mimic in vivo environments:

  • cells have limited access to growth medium
  • cells are flattened and therefore grow in unnatural shapes
  • cells do not interact with each other

This has adverse effects on gene and protein expression. As a result translation from in vivo to in vitro environments often proves challenging.

3D cell growth media gives cells greater access to nutrients, it allows growth in all three dimensions as well as interactions with other cells. This mimics the in vivo environment much more accurately and enables a substantially more accurate representation in vitro.

Benefits of using Particle Works alginate beads for cell growth medium

Unlike other suppliers, Particle Works offers highly monodisperse (CV values <2.5%) hydrogel beads for cell growth applications. These materials offer a range of benefits such as:

  1. High cell yield
  2. Scalability
  3. Experiment reproducibility
Alginate beads We recommend Alginate beads for cell growth applications.
*The beads are supplied suspended in organic oil and require redispersion prior to use.