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Controlled Drug Release

Targeted Drug Delivery

Targeted drug delivery is a rapidly developing field within pharmacology. This application involves Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) encapsulation or tethering to nano- or microparticles in order to deliver therapeutic molecules to the malignant site.

This is usually undertaken using one of the two targeting mechanisms:

  • Passive targeting relies on the Enhanced Permeability and Retention (EPR) effect, a physiological characteristic of tumor vessels that leads to accumulation of nano and microparticles within the tumor
  • Active targeting relies on conjugation of particle surfaces with targeting species such as antibodies, aptamers, peptides etc. This gives the particles loaded with APIs the ability to recognize and bind to the malignant sites

Precision control over particle size, shape and architecture is extremely important in both cases. These critical parameters determine blood pool residence time, targeting efficacy, distribution of APIs among particles, and the ability to control the lifetime of the particles within the living system.

Benefits of using Particle Works nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery

Typically, nanoparticle suppliers provide non-uniform or polydisperse (CV values >20%) material with various particle sizes, shapes and architectures. The targeting efficacy of such materials is substantially diminished.

Particle Works offers a range of highly monodisperse (CV values <10%) nanoparticles for applications in targeted drug delivery. These high-performance materials bring benefits such as:

  1. High targeting efficiency
  2. High therapeutic efficacy
  3. Reproducibility

Products for targeted drug delivery

Gold Nanoparticles We recommend  PEG functionalized Gold nanoparticles for further API and antibody functionalization
PLGA Beads We offer customer-specific projects using PLGA, please contact us for further details
Magnetic nanoparticles We recommend PEG functionalized Co-Fe3O4 particles for application in targeted drug delivery (available on request only)