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The Automated Library Synthesis (ALiS) System enables high throughput screening of LNP formulations and mRNA candidates in early-stage development. This platform delivers excellent monodispersity and encapsulation efficiency from numerous reactions, enabling as many as 96 experiments in approximately six hours, to significantly accelerate discovery projects. Flow automation using ALiS, unlike batch processes, allows for high collection precision of particles with no cross-contamination.
ANP System
The Automated Nanoparticle (ANP) System enables rapid automation of process development and initial production of larger samples of lipid nanoparticle (LNPs) with a select number of promising formulations. This easy-to-use system can automate one to 10 experiments with a fixed pair of reagents in 5 ml sample loops, enabling the collection of volumes between 0.5 and 5 ml.
ANP Pilot
ANP Pilot
ANP Pilot is the version of the ANP System that will be suitable for GMP environments. Perfect for users conducting final process development in a manufacturing environment, and for initial manufacture for clinical trials/low volume applications. Allowing continuous sample manufacturing, with a 57 liters throughput in 24h (15 g of LNPs, 1.5M Vaccine Doses), it has a direct translation from discovery to development and is scalable by running systems in parallel. Expected launch late 2022.
Our highest throughput platform, Titan, is the final step in your particle production journey, making high volume manufacture in GMP facilities a breeze. Facilitating continuous manufacturing of 1,440L in 24h (~400 g of LNPs, 40M Vaccine Doses), its modular structure enables process flexibility and it is scalable by running systems in parallel. Launching 2023.
How can Particle Works help me produce monodisperse nanoparticles?
Microfluidics is at the heart of what we do, giving unprecedented control over the production of nanoparticles. Although new technology can be daunting, our systems have been engineered to make them as simple as possible to use! Our range of systems are tailored for different parts of your workflow, from discovery and development, through to scale up of your nanoparticles.
Will I be able to use the same experimental conditions across your platforms?
Yes! Our systems have been designed to be compatible – the same experimental conditions that give you great nanoparticles on ALiS, will give you great nanoparticles on the ANP System, ANP Pilot and Titan, allowing you to easily scale up your production as you move through discovery and development workflows.
Where can I learn more?
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