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Hydrogel beads

Hydrogel beads manufactured by Particle Works are optimized for cell growth and enzyme tethering applications.

Particle Works uses state-of-the-art, automated droplet microfluidic technology and novel fabrication techniques to enable the production of highly monodisperse and batch-to-batch consistent hydrogel beads (CV values as low as 1% in both cases).

High bead uniformity allows beads to stack efficiently (hexagonal close packing), resulting in high yield surfaces when used in cell growth applications. Particle Works’ hydrogel beads are also batch-to-batch consistent, enabling researchers to benefit from high experiment reproducibility.

Why buy hydrogel beads from Particle Works?

  • Production of highly monodisperse particles (CV values as low as 1%)
  • Batch-to-batch consistency: ensures high experiment reproducibility
  • High concentration of particles
  • Production volumes of up to 40 L per day
  • Detailed characterization data with all products
  • Rigorous quality control
  • Support and service from our nanomaterial experts

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