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Magnetic Particles

Magnetic nanoparticles manufactured by Particle Works are highly particle-to-particle consistent. We offer a range of superparamagnetic and ferromagnetic nanomaterials with unique architectures, each enabling you to benefit from high-performance.

We use state-of-the-art, continuous flow microfluidic techniques, and advanced automation to manufacture highly monodisperse and batch-to-batch consistent magnetic materials (CV values as low as 2.5% in both cases). All products are supplied with detailed, high-quality characterization data (both processed and raw), which our customers are free to reference in their publications. 

Why buy magnetic nanoparticles from Particle Works?

  • Up to 5x magnetic performance compared to previously available nanoparticles¬†
  • Narrow size distribution (CV values as low as 2.5%)
  • Batch-to-batch consistency (CV values as low as 2.5%)
  • High magnetic density
  • Detailed characterization data with all products
  • Rigorous quality control
  • Support and service from our nanomaterial experts

We offer a range of functional coatings such as Oleic acid, Oleylamine, PEG as well as various customer-specified coatings.


Magnetic nanoparticles possess unique and powerful properties. Magnetic particles interact with external magnetic field to produce actuation, temperature increase and alteration in the magnetic field. These properties are employed in a range of applications including:

In all of the above applications, the performance of magnetic nanoparticles is critically dependent on particle size, shape and architecture. This is a result of a direct correlation between these particle parameters and its fundamental properties such as magnetic state, remnant magnetization and magnetic anisotropy.