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Iron Oxide Coated Cobalt Particles

Iron oxide coated cobalt particles manufactured by Particle Works are purpose-engineered to maximize magnetic performance. The unique structure of our magnetic particles effectively protects the cobalt core from oxidation, enabling the use of these high-performance particles in open air environments.

Particel Works cobalt magnetic particles comprise a monodisperse cobalt core and a 2 nm magnetite shell (typical CV values ≤ 10%). the size of the core corresponds to the single magnetic domain limit for cobalt and ensures high magnetic coercivity. The magnetite shell protects the cobalt core from oxidation and allows our customers to take advantage of Fe3O4 surface chemistry.

Applications Key benefit
Magnetic separation Ability to use Co in oxygen environments
Targeted drug delivery Enhanced drug delivery efficiency
Magneto-thermal heating Enhanced specific power loss densities in magneto-thermal heating
Magnetic lateral flow assays Faster, more reliable, results in lateral flow tests

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