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Accelerate your mRNA-LNP formulation screening with high-throughput and automation

Thank you for your interest in our webinar. In this session we explored the topic of mRNA-LNP formulation screening. Up until now, this aspect of the discovery phase presents scientists with many challenges, including the laborious and time-consuming nature of the tasks involved. We were excited to share with you some solutions to these problems.

The webinar was hosted by Dr Cate O'Brien, one of our Laboratory Scientists at Particle Works, with specific expertise in utilizing microfluidics in the production of lipid nanoparticles at screening stage.

Our NEW game-changing technology, the Automated Library Synthesis (ALiS) System, is an automated and high-throughput LNP formulation screening platform. Based on microfluidic technology, it offers scientists the solution to significantly accelerate discovery projects by performing numerous reactions – up to 96 experiments in a typical working day.

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