Recorded Webinar

Cost effective development of lipid-based nanomedicines

In the field of nanomedicine, lipid nanoparticle (LNP) technology has emerged as a promising platform for drug delivery. However, the cost of LNP development can be a significant barrier for many organizations.

In this webinar we provided valuable insights into cost-effective approaches for the development of LNP-based nanomedicine.

During the discussion we covered a variety of topics relevant to saving costs in nanoparticle synthesis including giving a better understanding of cost-saving techniques and practical tools for reducing expenses in LNP development.  


During the webinar we discussed:

  • Identifying cost drivers in LNP development and ways to minimize expenses
  • Cost-efficient use of raw materials and batch sizes to cut costs
  • Streamlining LNP production processes to minimize production costs
  • Optimizing LNP formulation and characterization to minimize expenses