Recorded Webinar

Why microfluidics benefits nanomedicine

In this webinar we explored how microfluidic technology benefits the production of nanoparticles for drug delivery & gene therapy; giving you flexibility and automation to control nanoparticle synthesis depending on what best suits your application and particle specification. 

During the discussion we covered a variety of topics relevant to improving efficacy and efficiency of nanoparticle synthesis. This included looking at mRNA-LNP formulation and composition; frustrations and limitations with current practises; and advice on how to produce efficient, consistent and reproducible particles whilst saving you valuable time, resource and cost from screening to manufacture.

During the webinar we discussed:

  • Why LNPs are pioneering nanomedicine
  • The science behind formulating mRNA-LNPs
  • The current challenges in nanoparticle performance
  • Why microfluidics benefits nanoparticle synthesis
  • What is the key to success?