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Automated Library Synthesis (ALiS) System


Automated Nanoparticle System


Quad Pump


Automated Sample Valve


Automated Collector


Pressurized Fluid Store


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Controlled synthesis on LNPs using ANP System

App Note

Process optimization and pre-clinical production using ANP System

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Develop and produce LNPs


Maintaining LNP performance


Optimizing LNPs for novel nanomedicines


Microfluidics for nanomedicine

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Optimized production of nanoparticles for efficient drug delivery



Recorded webinar - Cost effective development of lipid-based nanomedicines

Recorded webinar - Why microfluidics benefits nanomedicine

Recorded webinar - Accelerate your mRNA-LNP formulation screening with high-throughput & automation

Recorded webinar - An introduction to Particle Works, its technology and product roadmap

Recorded webinar - LNPs for Gene Delivery



The power of microfluidics to enhance particle performance

Lipid Nanoparticles: From Little League to the Majors

Automated microfluidics for nanoparticle fabrication

Microfluidics to power better LNP-mRNA preparation

Nanoparticles enable effective drug delivery

Press Releases

Particle Works partners with Earli Inc. to develop DNA-LNPs for early-stage cancer treatment

Particle Works partners with NanoVation Therapeutics UK for lipid nanoparticle development